Medicated Blogging

Okay, so I had started a post about an upcoming road trip. I had also taken a pain pill for my excruciating pain radiating through my jaw. Apparently the pain meds kicked in while typing, so I was going to save the post and finish tomorrow.  Well, I forgot how to save it, and posted it instead. And then quickly deleted once I had realized what I did. And thank god for auto correct!!

No more medicated blogging! It doesn’t end well!!

Have a great night everyone!

By the way, yes, I have an appointment with the dentist in the morning!! Never been more excited about going to the dentist!

May 20th 2013

T has karate classes on Mondays and Thursdays. I had just picked him up from school and got home when my husband got a phone call. One of our friends had told us there was a big tornado in Moore, Oklahoma. That’s where his daughter lives!

Quickly, I turn on the news, and there it is….mass destruction. He calls his ex wife. She was at work about 20 min away from the tornado. Her son was in one of the schools hit, right down the road from their house. He is okay! Her hubby had followed the tornado to the school, and was one of the first ones there to help out.  Their house was gone. And no one could get ahold of his daughter, M. 

We called and called and called, but it wasn’t getting through. We didn’t know if she was at her high school or vocational school. All we knew was: big tornado, house was gone, no M. I got sick to my stomach. We are 2 hours away from her, at best! Her mom was just leaving work, there’s no telling how long it will take either of us to get there. 
I called my mom to ask if she can watch T.  She said sure, and asked what was up. I blurted out “there was a tornado in Moore and they can’t find M!” My mom said, “what do you mean you can’t find M?!?!” I got tge whole story out without breaking down (I think).

Hubby and I get in the truck and take off towards some wicked nasty storms. We get slowed down in Ardmore due to rain and hail, but we didn’t stop.

My phone rang with an Oklahoma number I didn’t recognize. My hands and voice were shaking as I answered, “hello?”, I heard her say “hey”, I asked “M?”, she said “yea”. And I broke down. She was alive and okay! I told hubby it was M, and broke down again!

Longest drive EVAH!!!! We get close to the city and the highway is closed down. The whole time, I was in contact with people through Facebook,  thank god for Facebook! Cell service was patchy the whole way, so a lot of the time, that was the only way to let family know that we were okay and so was M.

The traffic was crazy as you can imagine. We picked up M, yea, we made it there before M’s mom! I cried again when I saw her. Hubby was on the phone with her  mom when we saw her, so she finallu got to talk to her mom. Very emotional stuff!

We do our best to maneuver around the backroads to meet up with M’s mom.  We hook up after dark. M and her mom go to meet up with M’s little brother and stepdad. We were in search of a hotel,  which was not easy due to everyone needing a place to stay and patchy phone service.

The next day we tried to get into the area, which was impossible if you didn’t live in that area. But M and her family were able to get in and check out damage. They found pictures, clothes, and a few other things before it started raining. There was nothing hubby and I could really do to help out just yet, so we head back home. The highway was opened back up, thank goodnes, so the trip home was a little easier.

I have never been in a tornado, so I didn’t really understand the statement “the house is gone”. But I quickly found out what that means…






And I have realized that seeing it on the news it totally different from it happening to somone close to you. I reacted completely different from what I would if I had not been so close to it. I guess you could say it was survival mode, maybe. It was like, okay it happened, is everyone okay, now lets get to picking up the pieces…

At the time of actually writing this, their 3 dogs were safe, but the cat was still missing.  We had gone up there Saturday for M’s graduation.  Sunday, they found the cat! Read about it here! AMAZING!

Stubborn Children

So yesterday after school, T wanted his cousin to come over and play. These two are wicked close, not in the “they play together so well, and get along” close, but in the “they fight like brothers” close.

All went fairly well, only a few skirmishes. But when it was time to go to church, T didn’t want to go. I told him that was fine, but we still had to take his cousin. T crawled up on his bed and refused to come down because he wanted to play video games. I don’t have time for this, so I start the count- 1…….2…. He pouts as he climbs off his bunk bed.

I tell him to get his shoes on. He huffs and crosses his arms. Again, no time. I tell him, “fine, don’t wear shoes, just go get in the car”.  He wants me to carry him to the car so he doesn’t get his socks dirty. HA! Nope! You chose to not wear shoes, get in.

We get to church, just in time. My nephew opens his car door to ger out, and T freaks!  “MOM, I wanna go!”. Wait a minute, you have NO SHOES on!

I explain to him that he can’t go into the church shoeless. “Mom, I really wanna go! Let’s go home and get some shoes!!”. Nope!! We live too far out in the country to “run home”!

But wait! My mother lives just down the road! She may have some of his shoes! We run to her house, I go in and scramble through shoes that may fit. I find a pair of my nephew’s shoes that are probably too big, but they just might work! I grab them.

As I get back to the car to put the “I know they are too big” shoes on T, and try to stress to him the importance of LISTENING!  When I say “get your shoes on T”, you go get your shoes on! My child is a wee bit stubborn, but I tried to make him understand that there is always a reason why I ask or tell him to do something. I even used the lines, “I don’t talk just to hear myself!”  and “I don’t tell you to do stuff just to be mean.”

If you have kids, yours is bound to have a stubborn streak in them. We all do when it’s something we feel very strongly about, which is good, sometimes.

Enjoy the day!

Our Dinosaur Adventure


We don’t usually do anything for Spring Break. But this year, my brother and I decided we need to take the little ones to do something. Since we live in Texas, there was no need to leave the state, we have a little bit of everything!  T just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago, and his cousin is 7. Not far from here is a little town called Glen Rose, TX. Shhh, we’re hunting dinosaurs!

First stop was Dinosaur World! They have over 100 life size statues of different dinosaurs,  a small dino museum,  and a fossil dig!


Dino walk! I’m not sure how long the trail was, but T got “tired” half way through. I say “tired” because I think he just wantes to go play on the playground. But it’s a good little walk. If you have little ones, bring a stroller just incase!



Pretty cool stuff! And T wanted his picture taken with every single dino we came across!

After a stop in the gift shop for some claws, we headed over to Dinosaur Valley State Park, just down the road. This place is beautiful! There are tons of hiking and moutain biking trails, an awsome little river that kids can play in and walk across, PLUS it has real dino tracks!!


There are a couple of different track sites. But don’t come just for the tracks. You may be disappointed. It was very busy, being spring break and all. We only got to see one track site, and the kids didn’t even care. The track area is roped off, and you still have to kind of search for them, they can be hard to see.

After we saw the tracks, and saw the kids total disinterest, we started walking. We had to drag them away from the river of course! But they were cool with it at first. We saw some beautiful scenery!


The kids kept wanting to take a closer look to see off the steep edges. I almost had a heart attack,  like 73 times! But it was awesome! We got to see my hubby and brother show off their rock climbing skills, while I ushered childrens to the left side of a narrow and steep path. We went up to a scenic outlook, amazing!


But then, we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque! The map they gave us at the front said the yellow trail that we were on ended at the scenic outlook. But being the adventurers that we are, correction, the guys I was with are, we were now on a different trail that wasn’t in the map! Not my idea! For the record, I voted to back track!

We got lost on the trails! Me, 3 men, and 3 little boys. Lost. In the woods.

After maybe an hour, I realized that we had not seen another human being since we left the yellow trail scenic outlook. But we keep going.

Our feet are hurting, the kids are starting to get worn out, and this map is useless!! We keep thinking we are going the right way, they the trail turns back the wrong way! At one point, I looked through the woods and saw the part of the trail that we had just walked! “Hey guys, we just turned back the wrong way!”

Finally, about 4 hrs after we ventured off the yellow trail, we figure out where we are on the useless map! Thank God I had put a couple of water bottles in my purse!!

Thats right, we found out where we were…on the wrong side of the park! We still had to walk a ways to get to the car. After at least 4 miles in the woods, we had promised the kids snow cones that we saw when we came in. They were such troopers!!! Very little whining! BUT when we got to the snow cone stand, they were closed. Poor kids! I think they were just happy to not be walking though.

All in all, a fun day!  What was your Spring Break 2013 like?

Peace and love,