Mommy Juice

Okay, so I use to be an all day coffee drinker, but no matter how much coffee I drank, I was still exhausted all the time! I’m talking, nap time at any given point of the day! I couldn’t blame it on a job, because I basically did what I want all day, which did include naps. I couldn’t blame it on having a house full of kids, because I only have the 1 that lives with us, and he is in school! It was pretty pathetic!!

I also like to try out new things. I am addicted to “as seen on tv”. I have some friends that sell health and wellness stuff, so I tried them! I needed to find energy!!! I tried this stuff called Spark from AdvoCare. I didn’t notice much. I tried a different friend with a different company, no noticeable change. I went back to Spark, same thing….I kept switching products,  but always kept coming back to Spark! I liked the taste, and I realized that it WAS working,  just not like your typical “energy drink”. No jitters! Silly me, I thought if you weren’t moving 100miles a minute,  it wasn’t working!

Spark is loaded with vitamins and minerals, something I was totally lacking!!! It has just enough caffeine,  no sugar, and only 45 calories.

I found it!!! Happy Mommy Juice!!!! After drinking regularly,  my household was so much better! I wasn’t tired all the time, not near as irritable,  and was able to focus soooo much easier! My friend told me I could get a discount….what?! I am buying this stuff every month, and you are just NOW telling me this!?!?!


So I signed up for the discount! Everything is better if you can get it at a discount!

I have given some out to friends and they felt it instantly,  which makes me happy to hear! I love helping other moms find the energy they need to deal with everything motherhood throws at us. I use to tell people that if I could bottle the energy of a 5 year old, life would be easier. Well, AdvoCare beat me to it. 😉


If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, you can check it out here.

If you already know about how amazing Spark is, tell me about it!!

Btw, I have to mention that my husband is very leary of such things. We started working out again, and I told him he would drink it! I ordered him the Pink Lemonade flavor. He had to leave for work and I made sure he took it with him. The other day, I was on the phone with him, and he said out of the blue “alright, so I really like this Spark stuff, but I don’t want you to get a big head about it, and all.”  I simply told him “it’s awesome, I know”  😉


Have a GREAT Day Everyone!!!

Much love,


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