Summertime Learning

So I know that kids forget stuff they learned in school during the summer. I didn’t want T to forget. I signed him up with to see if he would like it.

If you haven’t seen the commercial,  it’s an “early learning academy” for kids like 1-6 yrs old. There is a free 30 day trial, and after that it’s only $8 a month. I figured we could at least try it to see of he liked it. He is my little mini gamer, so I didn’t know what to expect from him.

It’s really easy for kids to explore, very kid friendly. It even has a place to teach you little little one how to use the computer mouse. I was quite impressed, but still didn’t know what to expect from T.

I started him out on a much lower age level, just to see what would happen, curriculum wise. They give tickets and “prizes” for levels they complete. They also give them a virtual aquarium and hamster that they can buy stuff with using the tickets they earn.

T was all about the hamster, and wanted all his tickets to go towards things for the hamster’s cage. He LOVED it!!!

I had to finally break the news that it was bedtime. You would have thought I had just told hom that I was selling all his toys. He cried and cried. He just wanted to play a little longer! I promised he could play first thing in the morning. That didn’t help.

Obviously he likes it, and I am excited that he wants to play it so much! Yay for learning!! If you would like to check it out for your kiddo, you can click here.

By the way, I am in no way affiliated with this website. I am not getting paid for this in any way. I just thought it was pretty awesome to see my kid want to play on it so badly, and know that he is learning at the same time. It’s way better for him than the xbox, wii, or minecraft!!   I’m sure his 1st grade teacher this next year will appreciate it as well. 🙂


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