Stubborn Children

So yesterday after school, T wanted his cousin to come over and play. These two are wicked close, not in the “they play together so well, and get along” close, but in the “they fight like brothers” close.

All went fairly well, only a few skirmishes. But when it was time to go to church, T didn’t want to go. I told him that was fine, but we still had to take his cousin. T crawled up on his bed and refused to come down because he wanted to play video games. I don’t have time for this, so I start the count- 1…….2…. He pouts as he climbs off his bunk bed.

I tell him to get his shoes on. He huffs and crosses his arms. Again, no time. I tell him, “fine, don’t wear shoes, just go get in the car”.  He wants me to carry him to the car so he doesn’t get his socks dirty. HA! Nope! You chose to not wear shoes, get in.

We get to church, just in time. My nephew opens his car door to ger out, and T freaks!  “MOM, I wanna go!”. Wait a minute, you have NO SHOES on!

I explain to him that he can’t go into the church shoeless. “Mom, I really wanna go! Let’s go home and get some shoes!!”. Nope!! We live too far out in the country to “run home”!

But wait! My mother lives just down the road! She may have some of his shoes! We run to her house, I go in and scramble through shoes that may fit. I find a pair of my nephew’s shoes that are probably too big, but they just might work! I grab them.

As I get back to the car to put the “I know they are too big” shoes on T, and try to stress to him the importance of LISTENING!  When I say “get your shoes on T”, you go get your shoes on! My child is a wee bit stubborn, but I tried to make him understand that there is always a reason why I ask or tell him to do something. I even used the lines, “I don’t talk just to hear myself!”  and “I don’t tell you to do stuff just to be mean.”

If you have kids, yours is bound to have a stubborn streak in them. We all do when it’s something we feel very strongly about, which is good, sometimes.

Enjoy the day!


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