Our Dinosaur Adventure


We don’t usually do anything for Spring Break. But this year, my brother and I decided we need to take the little ones to do something. Since we live in Texas, there was no need to leave the state, we have a little bit of everything!  T just turned 6 a couple of weeks ago, and his cousin is 7. Not far from here is a little town called Glen Rose, TX. Shhh, we’re hunting dinosaurs!

First stop was Dinosaur World! They have over 100 life size statues of different dinosaurs,  a small dino museum,  and a fossil dig!


Dino walk! I’m not sure how long the trail was, but T got “tired” half way through. I say “tired” because I think he just wantes to go play on the playground. But it’s a good little walk. If you have little ones, bring a stroller just incase!



Pretty cool stuff! And T wanted his picture taken with every single dino we came across!

After a stop in the gift shop for some claws, we headed over to Dinosaur Valley State Park, just down the road. This place is beautiful! There are tons of hiking and moutain biking trails, an awsome little river that kids can play in and walk across, PLUS it has real dino tracks!!


There are a couple of different track sites. But don’t come just for the tracks. You may be disappointed. It was very busy, being spring break and all. We only got to see one track site, and the kids didn’t even care. The track area is roped off, and you still have to kind of search for them, they can be hard to see.

After we saw the tracks, and saw the kids total disinterest, we started walking. We had to drag them away from the river of course! But they were cool with it at first. We saw some beautiful scenery!


The kids kept wanting to take a closer look to see off the steep edges. I almost had a heart attack,  like 73 times! But it was awesome! We got to see my hubby and brother show off their rock climbing skills, while I ushered childrens to the left side of a narrow and steep path. We went up to a scenic outlook, amazing!


But then, we took a wrong turn at Albuquerque! The map they gave us at the front said the yellow trail that we were on ended at the scenic outlook. But being the adventurers that we are, correction, the guys I was with are, we were now on a different trail that wasn’t in the map! Not my idea! For the record, I voted to back track!

We got lost on the trails! Me, 3 men, and 3 little boys. Lost. In the woods.

After maybe an hour, I realized that we had not seen another human being since we left the yellow trail scenic outlook. But we keep going.

Our feet are hurting, the kids are starting to get worn out, and this map is useless!! We keep thinking we are going the right way, they the trail turns back the wrong way! At one point, I looked through the woods and saw the part of the trail that we had just walked! “Hey guys, we just turned back the wrong way!”

Finally, about 4 hrs after we ventured off the yellow trail, we figure out where we are on the useless map! Thank God I had put a couple of water bottles in my purse!!

Thats right, we found out where we were…on the wrong side of the park! We still had to walk a ways to get to the car. After at least 4 miles in the woods, we had promised the kids snow cones that we saw when we came in. They were such troopers!!! Very little whining! BUT when we got to the snow cone stand, they were closed. Poor kids! I think they were just happy to not be walking though.

All in all, a fun day!  What was your Spring Break 2013 like?

Peace and love,


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