Super Bowl Sunday

So the great and powerful Super Bowl has come and gone. And I could care less. I’m not a big football fan, incase the previous sentence didn’t clue you in. When I think of the Super Bowl, and see commercials about people watching football, I see a bunch of adults having a great time, eating lots of food, drinking beer, cheering for their team, and what not. What I don’t see is kids running around chasing each other, stopping in front of the TV to say “MOMMMM! Joey won’t stop talking to me!!!!”.

I went to a Super Bowl party at my brother’s house, just to hang out with adults and have fun. While I did have a great time with them, I was so stressed over my kids that my back ended up in knots! I hold tension and stress in 2 places, my back and my jaw (which the jaw thing is possibly why I grind my teeth at night). T, I love that kid to death, but sometimes he gets a lil rough. But he can’t handle being played with roughly. He is a tattler. And bless his heart, he gets wound up pretty quickly, especially when his brother S is around.

S seemed to have gotten all the boys (4 boys ages 3-7) all wound up, and being crazy!!! And all evening I was worried that someone was going to get hurt. I could see it in my head, as one of the boys was flinging the other around, BAM someone knocks their head open on the brick fireplace, then we are off to the emergency room. Thank god nothing like that happened, but all night I couldn’t shake that feeling. “Impending Doom” is what we call it in my family.

T is a hugger, which I love. We come from a family of huggers. But sometimes I question his hugging intentions. Often, he gives what I call “aggressive hugs”. It’s a hug where his arms wrap around the other persons arms to where they can’t move their arms. Kind of a one sided hug. And he squeezes tight! And that usually ends up in them both falling over, and at least one of them gets hurt or mad, and T says “I was just trying to give him a hug!”. So last night, as we were leaving my brother’s house, he make the rounds for his “hugs” (yes it’s in quotes because like I said, I don’t know his intentions with them), and sure enough, someone gets mad as they fall into the recliner.

By the time the half time show was over, we were headed for the door! Those boys played hard, and were worn out by the time we got home.

But once, just once, I want to see one of those commercials that everyone loves to watch during the big game to be about a real life Super Bowl party!! Where right in the middle of some amazing play, 2 kids come running in front of the TV with an argument that needs immediate solving, like “DAAAAADD, Kyle said that Spider Man is cooler than Batman! Tell him he’s wrong!!”

Hope you have a wonderful week! I’m off to get things squared away for T’s big skating birthday party in a couple of weeks!! Complete with Lego invitations that i have to make myself because Party City was all out! So much to do, and so little time to procrastinate!


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