Parenting is Hard

Hello Everyone!! Man, things have been crazy! And if you haven’t already realized, parenting is hard. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy, they are liars, or just have nannies to take care of their babies for them!

As we all know, the hospital forgets to put the instruction manual in the diaper bag as you leave with your new bundle of joy. How could they forget such a vital piece of information?!?!? Maybe they figure you got one with your first kid, put it in a safe place (like with warranty information), and you still have it. But I only had one!! Where was my manual??

So, almost 6 years after I brought T home from the hospital, I found the manual!!!

Here is some of the very insightful info! Some great tips on caring for your newborn, baby do’s and don’ts!!





If you would like to get your own manual, the hospital is NOT going to tell you about it, or be kind enough to furnish you with a copy. You can get one from Amazon here

I have a friend that just had a baby, guess what she will be getting soon!! 🙂

Have an awesome week everyone!!!



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