Cristina’s Magic Headache Cream

As pinky promised, the DIM (did it myself) “Cristina’s Magic Headache Cream”. I call it that because it was my friend Cristina that originally told me about the first part of this magic awesomeness!

I had a banging headache one day. One that I had woke up with, and it just got worse from there. I had taken an antihistamine, cup of coffee, and ibuprofen already, and it wasn’t getting better. Borderline Migraine Status! So I had mentioned my horrible headache on Facebook.

My friend Cristina had commented that a drop of lavender oil and one drop of peppermint oil rubbed in the temples might help. Low and behold, I happen to have both of those! As soon as the lavender oil touched my temples, the headache started to go away…just like magic!!! I did the same with the peppermint oil, and it all felt soooo much better!!


I started thinking of a way to A) make it more portable, and B) not use so much peppermint (it was kind of overwhelmingly cold in my temples). So I dug in the pantry for a solution. BOOM! There it was, coconut oil! Coconut oil has a rather high melting point. So most of the time, mine is solid.


I took some coconut oil (small amount like a tablespoon), melted it, then added about 40 drops of lavender oil, around 20-30 drops of the peppermint oil. Swirl it all together, and pour it into a small container, like a lip gloss tin. I found mine at our local Walmart in the travel size toothpaste and deodorant, and the other travel size stuff.


When it cools, it will firm back up. If you keep your house fairly warm, you might have to put it in the fridge. But then, whenever you start to get a headache, rub your fingers in the concoction, and tub it on your temples! I LOVE THIS STUFF!


for those of you who just skip to the shopping list like I do sometimes 😉

Coconut Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Peppermint Essential oil
Small Container
Mix together
Let cool
Rub on temples when you have a headache

You might have to adjust your essential oils, but try it to make sure you can really smell the lavender, and the peppermint still cools but doesn’t freeze. Just melt it down and add more.

I hope that this works for you as much as it has helped me. If the cream doesn’t do much for ya, remember what I said about the lavender and peppermint straight up!!

If you try it, I’d love to hear how it worked for ya!

Have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Cristina’s Magic Headache Cream

  1. Whenever I have a plugged nose, I simply open up a spearmint oil we have and take a whiff. I find my clogged sinuses make me headachey…so clear air flow and voila. Ache is gone.

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