Happy New Years!


Because of the work that hubby does, we can’t make plans very well. If we do, he ends up getting called out for work. But when he came home this time, we estimated that he would be here for New Years Eve! It’s been a few years since we have been able to celebrate New Years together.

I was super excited! We didn’t know what we were going to do, but we were going to do something!! My mom had already offered to watch all the grand kids (suicide mission for sure).

The bathtub starts leaking yesterday!!! This has nothing to do with New Years, except that we had to pull the bathtub out, and a new one has to be put in. Today is New Year’s Eve, and we have no bathtub down stairs. C went to go get M last week, and she has to work today. So no bathtub, have to get M home (4hr round trip). Oh yeah, and C got called out to work. He will have leave tonight.

When he got the call, he said he would just leave right after midnight. But then found out the weather where he is going was suppose to get bad.

So now we are at no bathtub, 4hr trip to take M home, C has to get to work before bad weather hits. This all equals no real New Year’s Eve plans for J.

Happy New Years everybody!! May the best of your past be the worst of your future!!!!

Peace & love


2 thoughts on “Happy New Years!

  1. I’m confused by who and what all the initials are C…M….but it sounds hectic! Sorry your bathtub began leaking near the holidays. Then again, there’s never a good time. I just went shopping and bought the kiddos (and 2 of their friends) New Year’s Eve party stuff- poppers, snaps, silly string, sparkly clappers, sparkling lemonaid and some glow stick swords and some bubble gum, which they are never allowed to have. They are going to be so excited. We live on the West coast and celebrate East Coast time…and we’re all home in bed before 10.

    Hope you enjoy your New Years the way you originally planned pre-bathtub incident. Oddly, I just posted about a bathtub. Hahaha! šŸ™‚


    • Haha Sandi, I understand the confusion. I even get confused sometimes. I introduced my family in my very first post, and in my “about me” section. C is my hubby, M is my 17yr old step daughter, S is my 13yr old step son, and T is my lil 5yr old guy that C and I had together. Being a stepmom, I wanted to respect everyone’s privacy while doing this blog.

      That’s awesome that you got the kids their own celebration stuff! I should have got some for all the lil boys that will be at my moms house! But I’m guessing they aren’t really going to get the idea if New Year’s Eve anyway, they range from 3-7.

      I’m just hoping the tub will be done before hubby leaves for work for 2 weeks or so!

      Y’all have a safe and happy New Years too!!!


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