So True!!!



2 thoughts on “So True!!!

  1. My kids are still doing this at 7 and 9! As soon as I take bathroom time, immediately, they come looking for me to ask where dad is or complain about their sibling, or to tell me they are hungry. When my son was 3 he came barging in and inquired “What are you doing? Are you poopin’?”

    Yes, we are still trying to teach them to knock (and WAIT) to hear if room is occupied before barging in.

    First time visiting, this made me laugh. I’m clicking the follow button. Feel free to visit my end of the blog-o-sphere.

    Lake Forest, CA

    • Sandi, that is hilarious! Kids are so funny! T still barges in as well. Even if I lock the door, he bangs in it and yells “mom!!” until I open, cause at that point you can’t do anything anyway. After the movie Puss in Boots came out, T flung open the bathroom door, jump in, did his best sword fighting sounds, said “I am Puss in boots!”, and jumped back out of the room! I started cracking up!!! I was obviously done in that room after that!

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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