Acorn Update

Update on T’s acorn issue-

Read Crazy Days for the story about the acorn.

So we went bright and early at 6 am to the hospital on the 21st. T still in his Ninja Turtle footsie pajamas (C said I couldn’t wear mine to the hospital). ENT doc got there around 7. They walked us to the surgery area and got him prepped by 7:30. Everything went smoothly, and they called me in when he woke up a little after 8 am.

They have us the acorn back in a little plastic container. I decided that it would go in a shadow box along with his hospital bracelets.

T was too funny coming off anesthesia. He kept asking what day it was. I told him that they made him go to sleep while they took the acorn out of his ear. He told me that I must have lost my memory because he never went to sleep.

Whenever they said we could leave, he kept trying to get off the bed, but I wanted home to wait till I could help cause I knew he wasn’t ready to walk. I take his hand and help him off. Sure enough, two steps into the hall and his little scrawny legs give. So he got to ride in a wheelchair! He really likes that part.

Because of where the acorn was, it did scratch up his ear canal a bit, but other than that, all is fine. It doesn’t hurt him at all. And best of all, he learned a valuable life lesson!!!

Oh, and more awesome news! We don’t usually see a lot of snow in North Texas, but thanks to the Christmas wishes of many children, including T, we had a white Christmas! Stay safe everyone!!

Peace & love


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