Crazy Days!

Oh my goodness! I had some awesome plans to do a quick DIM (did it myself), or as some of you may call it, a DIY. It was going to be over making your own home made magic headache cream! I will get to it, pinky swear. But life got in the way a bit.

I make personalized washer necklaces, and love it, as a hobby. A friend of mine called to ask if I could make her a very special big one to hang from her Christmas tree as an ornament. I was suppose to take it to her after T’s basketball practice yesterday. I had also got a text from my stepson, S. my hubby was coming home today, and S wanted to surprise him by being at the house when he got home.

So the list was: basketball, deliver washer, pick up S, get groceries. On the way home to get the washer, I realize I have a tire that is spewing out air!! Head to the local Dollar General for some quick fix a flat. Easy, right? Wrong!!! Wrong, wrong, wrong! They were out!

Tire is really low, and still spewing air. Okay, we will just go across the street to the gas station, they will have some! Yes! They did! I put it in the tire. And it did no good. I did the driving slowly thing, stopped by the air pump and put air in. The hole in the tire was so big that the fix a flat slime stuff was coming out!

Fine! I will just change the stupid thing!!! Had to wait on washer delivery till this morning. But the rest of the list was completed.

This morning, C comes home bright and early at 7:30. I got to see him on the way to take T to school.

I get a call at about 2:15 pm from the school. Uh oh. I have just been told that T has a small acorn stuck in his ear. Go ahead and re-read that last sentence. Yes, an ACORN in his EAR! Great!

A friend of mine had borrowed my car, so S and I jump in C’s truck and go get T, trying to figure out WHY he might have an acorn in his ear. The first thing the school secretary says when I get there is “he sure does talk a lot”. Yes ma’am, he does.

I have to wait till my car gets back because my purse and medical insurance card is in there. Now off to the Emergency Room! I make a quick stop by my Dr’s office to see if they can help. Nope, off to the ER again! There wasn’t too much of a wait, thank goodness!

The ER Doc does everything he can think of to get it out. Of course we have to tell the story of how the acorn got in the ear in the first place to all the nurses! But everything the dr tried was unsuccessful in the acorn extraction. And the more he tried, the more it was hurting poor little T. After some tears, they decided an Ear, Nose, Throat Doctor would be more help. By this time, it’s like 5:00pm.

They sent us across the street to the ENT, who has kept the office open for us. I try to tell T that we have to hurry because they need to close up soon, but he goes at his own pace all the time, so it really doesn’t do any good.

There he was, the ENT Dr, waiting on us. Everyone else in the office ha already gone home, and I was so thankful that he stayed! It was very kind of him! He takes a look, makes a couple of attempts at the acorn retrieval. No luck! Although he was a bit more gentle than the ER dr, no tears!!!

ENT says we will have to put him to sleep to get the acorn! It’s jammed so snugly in the ear canal that its not going to come out while he is awake. What!?!? Two hours ago, I was thinking about stuff I had to get ready for the kindergarten Christmas party tomorrow! Now I am planning surgery? I don’t think I’m qualified for this!!!

“First thing in the morning, we will put him to sleep” he says. “T, you are going to have to miss the Christmas party to get this acorn out.” Dr and I talk about the party, time and what not. He calls the hospital to see if anyone is still over there, to see if we could do it right then! He asked when the last time he ate anything was and all. He was awesome! He made some calls, but we couldn’t do it then.

So, we come home, I am trying to arrange stuff for the party because I don’t know if we will be making it! Surgery is bright and early in the am, and it won’t take long, but they don’t know if there is any damage on the other side of the acorn, or how he will feel after waking up. So we are not planning on making it to the party, but who knows. I guess we will just play it by ear……. Yea, I had to make that lame pun! 🙂

Pinky swear, awesome easy quick DIM soon!!!

Peace and love,


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