Hello world!

BOOM!  I did it!  I started a blog!!  New Years Resolution…Nailed It!  Now, let me introduce myself.  My name is Jodie.  I am a mom.  Sometimes I think that sentence alone is enough for people to understand why my life is a circus.  BUT, allow me to continue.  I am a mom to an awesome 5yr old boy, T.  I am a stepmom to 2 rockin kids, a 13yr old boy, S, and a 17yr old girl, M.  The 2 older kids also have different moms.   M lives out-of-state, but still close enough to come visit when she doesn’t have work or school.  And S lives in a different town, but he gets to come visit when his dad is here.  My hubby, the daddy to all these monkeys, C, works in the oil field industry.  He is gone out on the rig a lot…a lot!  But we enjoy our time together when he is home.  Oh, and we also have 2 dogs that are completely opposite in size, but partners in crime for sure!  I use to be a full-time stay at home mom, but needed to get out and socialize.  So I dived into direct sales with a company called Simply Said.  I love it!  Life is good, but crazy….crazy good, I guess…or the good kind of crazy….


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