Happy Birthday to my Little Guy!


Just wanted to pop in real quick and post a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my son! He is the big 7 today! He was a week late when he was born. He refused to come out, and I had to be cut open in order to get that child out! And to this day, he still runs at his own pace. But it was all worth it!!

Not sure what life would be like without him, but I’m positive that it wouldn’t be near as much fun!!!

Have a great day everyone! Go be AWESOME!



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7 Signs of happiness

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HappinessSigns that you are really happy!

  1. You appreciate the little things in life and are grateful, like hearing your favorite song on the radio, hearing a child giggle, eating an ice cream cone like a kid, happy to be talking to a friend, a walk on the beach, etc.  When you mind is filled with fear and strife, you often don’t even experience the lack of these simple things in you life. When you go into work in the morning be grateful that you have a job rather than anticipating another day at the grind. If you are having financial difficulties, be grateful that you don’t have to take a loved one to a chemo session.  No matter where you are in life, someone always has it worse so rather than dwelling on your own problems, help someone else out and get you mind off of your own problems.
  2. Don’t…

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Where Have You Been?

Hey Everyone! How are things going in your part of the world? Holy smokes, I haven’t been on here in such a long time! I was hoping things didn’t change while I was gone.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! Happy 2014! Make any ridiculous resolutions for new years, that you really have no intention on keeping? Yea, me neither.  But, I did quit smoking again! I had quit a few years ago, but my mother in law getting sick was my excuse to start again. In Feb,  it will be one year since she passed, so I figured it was about time to quit again.

Did your children get everything they wanted for Christmas?  My lil man did, but he had only asked for a few things.  One of those was a real bow and arrow, thank you Hunger Games!

As you know, I always have some sort of project going on. And boy have I been busy, with various random stuff! I got into wood working. Which isn’t too far out there for me, because my dad builds cabinets for a hobby. I have watched him build things for a long time. I learned how to use all sorts of saws, just by watching him. All these years he thought I never paid attention! I have tried to read plans before, but was totally lost. Then I found Ana White. She has plans that I can understand! So, I got to building, and wasn’t horrible at it! 🙂  I will post some pics another day.

Also, hubby and I decided to try to purchase an old farmhouse built in 1922! I love love love this house! And we arr still in negotiations,  but I have already got my hopes up!

I know, I am kinda all over the place today, but I’m trying to play catch up so I can get back into this. Life has been crazy as usual!

Enjoy your weekend Everyone!

Much Love

Summertime Learning

So I know that kids forget stuff they learned in school during the summer. I didn’t want T to forget. I signed him up with ABCmouse.com to see if he would like it.

If you haven’t seen the commercial,  it’s an “early learning academy” for kids like 1-6 yrs old. There is a free 30 day trial, and after that it’s only $8 a month. I figured we could at least try it to see of he liked it. He is my little mini gamer, so I didn’t know what to expect from him.

It’s really easy for kids to explore, very kid friendly. It even has a place to teach you little little one how to use the computer mouse. I was quite impressed, but still didn’t know what to expect from T.

I started him out on a much lower age level, just to see what would happen, curriculum wise. They give tickets and “prizes” for levels they complete. They also give them a virtual aquarium and hamster that they can buy stuff with using the tickets they earn.

T was all about the hamster, and wanted all his tickets to go towards things for the hamster’s cage. He LOVED it!!!

I had to finally break the news that it was bedtime. You would have thought I had just told hom that I was selling all his toys. He cried and cried. He just wanted to play a little longer! I promised he could play first thing in the morning. That didn’t help.

Obviously he likes it, and I am excited that he wants to play it so much! Yay for learning!! If you would like to check it out for your kiddo, you can click here.

By the way, I am in no way affiliated with this website. I am not getting paid for this in any way. I just thought it was pretty awesome to see my kid want to play on it so badly, and know that he is learning at the same time. It’s way better for him than the xbox, wii, or minecraft!!   I’m sure his 1st grade teacher this next year will appreciate it as well. 🙂

Road Trip

Oh the beloved road trip! The time when a family realizes just how much time they can spend together, trapped in a vehicle, before they ring each other’s necks. For some families,  that amount of time is shorter than others.

We decided to venture out on a road trip to see daddy at work. He has been in the small town of Canadian, Tx for what seems like forever. Since July 4th was coming up, and Canadian has quite the celebration week scheduled,  we thought it would be a perfect time to go visit!

Canadian is about 6hrs away from my house. I figured we would be pushing “family time” to the edge being in the car together that long, but the kids did great!! My stepson, S, went with T and I. Thank god for in car dvd players!!!


T watching movies


S not sleeping at the time!

We got to Canadian on schedule. My hubby had reserved a hotel room for us, which I had put into the GPS. Apparently the GPS was confused though. We ended up at a ranch at the end of a dirt road. I called hubby and found where the hotel actually was, right across from the turn to the ranch.  :-/

When hubby got off work for the evening, he came to pick us up. We headed out to finally meet his “other family”. The guys he spends more time with than us. We went to the rig and met his directional driller, who introduced himself as “the man that spends more time with your husband than you do”. It was great to finally meet Rocky! Hubby talks about him, and his awesome cooking, often. They have been working the same rig together for quite some time now.

Then it was off to where they are usually working, and hanging out, Shattuck, OK. It was only about 30 min away. We went to go meet the guy that hubby spends a lot of his off time with, the jeweler. I am always hearing about “playing pool at TD’s”, or “working on the mini truck at TD’s”. It was a pleasure to finally meet this man and his wife. I also got to meet their 2 friendly little dogs, one of them is named Pearl and actually has her ears pierced with black pearl earrings!! I have never in my life seen a dog that had its ears pierced!  Hubby said “what do you expect from a jeweler?”

We all went out to eat, then went back to the house to play pool. We had a great time just getting to know the people who my husband hangs out with during his other life. 🙂

Day 2
During the day, hubby had to work, so I had to find things for these kiddos to do! There was no pool at the hotel, but there was a community pool. T was dying to go swimming!! The pool was closed. We thought, maybe it will open later. Nope! Instead we stopped by the park and popped snap pops and climbed trees!


T wanting to climb the tree just like bubba


S in the tree

The town of Canadian was having a rodeo a little later on, so T attended his very first rodeo! He said he had fun, and S just looked like a bored teenager. 🙂
Hubby met up with us there. Fireworks started at dark, so to waste some time we went sight-seeing! That’s how we found this place! Who remembers this entrance? Tom Hanks delivered a package here after being trapped on an island for years.


Hubby and I decided that it was probably a true story about a package getting lost for years because it took forever to get to this place!! The movie wasn’t about the island or the man, it was about the package!!

We still had some time to kill, so we decided to catch a movie. There is a small old, but remodeled, movie theater that only has one screen, all movies start at 7pm, and the movie that night just happen to be The Lone Ranger! T was so excited! He had been really wanting to see it!


T in front of the Palace Theater

Apparently it was the greatest movie ever, because T decided he was going to be the Lone Ranger for Halloween already, and he was reenacting the movie as we were leaving.

Then we hear the fireworks already going off. We jump in the truck and head to the fairgrounds. People everywhere! And people not caring that they are walking in the middle of the street while a rather large vehicle is trying to drive on that road! We finally found a spot, and I was glad to be driving an H2, we all climbed on top of it to watch the show. 🙂

Day 3
T still wanting to swim, we head back to see if the pool is open. Nope! Grab something to eat, check the pool again after lunch. Nope!! At first we decided just to hang out at the hotel till hubby got there. Nope!!! Those kids were driving me nuts! So we set off an adventure! To the wagon bridge (say it as if you were a super hero)! This bridge was built in 1914 across the Canadian River, and is like 2500 ft long (or something like that). I told them to get to walkin!


We saw the railroad bridge with all kinds of graffiti on it, as most railroad bridges have, but one stuck out. I made up a whole romantic back story to it in my head, but you can make up your own.


Caught up with hubby, and off to the rodeo again! Watching them made me really regret not barrel racing my horse, just to see what my time would have been! Anyway, we didn’t get to stay too long. Something had gone wrong at the rig and hubby had to rush back. By the time it all got straightened out, we figured the rodeo was just about over. So we headed back to the hotel to chill, and ended up getting our own private fireworks show out the hotel window.


Day 4
Time to load up and head back home. We packed up, went to see hubby ay work, and waved goodbye to Canadian. We had a side trip before we went home though. Hubby had told me about a place called Medicine Park in Oklahoma. He had said that if it wasn’t in Oklahoma, we would move there. I had to go check this place out! If a man born and raised in Texas is willing to even consider moving to Oklahoma, this place has to be pretty amazing! We get close, and start seeing buffalo and mountains. There is one you can drive up. Now remember, I am driving a Hummer. A large vehicle. I don’t like heights. But somehow I thought I was going to drive right up there with no issues. Nope!! I was hugging that center line and crowding people in the other lane like it was life or death!!! White knuckles the whole time! You see, when I was younger and my mom would take us to Colorado,  I would be in the passenger seat while driving up mountains and her pointing and looking down the slope out MY window just to freak me out. Yeah, we were that family. Anyway, all that stress and tension was worth it to see this…


Superman at the top of Mt Scott


S overlooking the lake

We drove around the lake, and yes, if it wasn’t in Oklahoma, we would move there.

We finally made it home!!! We went straight to my mom’s house so T could finally swim. She hadn’t cleaned the pool in a couple of days because no one had been in it. T did NOT want to swim in a “yucky” pool, and demanded that we go to the lake, cause lakes are clean and all. Nope!!!!! We went home and went to bed.

We had a great time though! And “thank you” to the small town of Canadian, Tx for housing us for a few days!

20 Things I Want My Kids to Know About Falling in Love



Falling in love is as exciting as it is terrifying. Never is one less in control of their heart and rational mind than once they’ve been struck by Cupid’s arrow.

Love causes unfamiliar and addictive emotions to surface, calling us to act in ways we never thought we would and feel things best expressed by poets.

As parents we work tirelessly to prepare our children for successful living but all too often we forget that love is part of life’s equation. So in addition to teaching our kids how to drive and balance a checkbook, we owe it to our kids to at least try to impart realistic lessons of love.

Check out these 20 things I want my kids to know about falling in love.

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20 Inspirational Quotes for Kids to Live By

Love all of these! Words of wisdom for little ones. 🙂


photo (107) -1

I come from a family of talkers.

Growing up, my parents were always talking. Whether they were imparting bits of parental wisdom or simply orchestrating a life lesson out of nothing at all, I was always listening, watching, and of course, learning.

So as someone who’s had pretty decent life so far on account of all those talks, I wanted to give my kids the same opportunity to listen. So I talk. A lot. I’m forever offering anecdotal bits, super important FYI’s, and warnings of the imminent dangers resulting from not listening to their mother. Still, I swear they’re getting nothing. Little brick walls, those two.

While I may never actually give my children the wisdom and life offerings of the great thinkers before me, at least I give a damn good tight hug.

Take a look at 20 of the most powerful bits of wisdom I hope one day…

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